Why You Must Keep Your Kitchen Sanitized

Whether you love it or hate it, you can not escape the kitchen cleaning. The accumulation of grease can make this task very long. One often wonders how to clean an oven, floor or tile to the wall on which is often projected the grease when cooking. To facilitate the maintenance of your kitchen and make it faster, there are a few things to know:


To clean the grease encrusted in the kitchen, ovenproof dishes, hood use water with white vinegar and dish washing liquid. Rub with a scouring pad, adapted to the type of surface to be cleaned. For heavily encrusted surfaces, use baking soda on a hardly moist scouring pad to clean them.

What you need

And yes, you already know about this one: white vinegar (or alcohol vinegar) is a natural product that has the double advantage of being very effective in many circumstances while remaining very inexpensive. Clean, disinfect, and shine are all side effects of this.

Don’t forget the utensils

But it is true that it is always good to be in a clean kitchen! Apart from the surfaces, it is also necessary to ensure the cleanliness of the kitchen utensils. For metal or plastic objects, it is sufficient to simply use a dishwasher. On the other hand, wooden utensils are real nests with bacteria. A bleach from time to time do not hurt them. Think of the walls, door, tops of furniture and interior/exterior of household appliances so that the household is more complete!

Disposing of Garbage

For proper garbage disposal you will want to crush it up with a waste grinder like the Insinkerator evolution excel. This way you can just take the waste out to the compost when you are done with it.

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